• Rashtrapati Bhawan Tour

    Trip Enclosure is the only travel company that facilitates visit to President House. It is not just a mansion for President of India but also includes the entire 320 acre President Estate. Book now.
  • Golden Triangle Tour

    Golden Triangle Tour is an exemplary tour of 3 North Indian states; Delhi, Agra & Rajasthan. It is a must go tour for all travellers visiting with the desire to explore the diverse culture and heritage of Young India
  • India Pilgrimage Tour

    India possesses a great variety of pilgrimage sites. It does not only provides peace to the mind but give a much required break to your bustling lifestyle.
  • The Unexplored India

    Come explore the beauty of most unexplored parts of India with Trip Enclosure. Diversity is a second name for India, beaches to hills, deserts to pilgrims. There is nothing that India does not have.


Travel doesn't just mean a week's off, it is an ordeal and recollections you can remember and esteem for a lifetime. India has something to offer to everybody. Himalayas for the enterprise fan in you, Desserts to encounter the rich society, shorelines for that immaculate sentimental disposition and the seven eastern sisters in the east of India to encounter the internal most profound sense of being and detach from whatever remains of the world


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We are a responsible tour company dedicated to providing fun and authentic experiences around India. Where are you travelling? Our goal is to provide authentic and thought-provoking local experiences through our tours. We want to give our guests a deeper, fuller understanding of Mumbai through our day tours. When we design a tour, we aim to combine Mumbai’s must-see sights with hidden gems that surprise even lifelong Mumbaikars. For example, our Bicycle Tour uses an unexpected form of Mumbai transport to introduce guests to iconic South Mumbai sights like the Gateway of India and CST Station as well as some lesser known places that are difficult to discover on your own such as Sassoon Dock and Bombay. Our goal is to help you get closer, understand better, and experience more.


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The planning was excellent. I loved the food...I loved the people I met there...The history of this beautiful country is fascinating, and this tour of India gave us a window into that history which I think many of the other tourists in the area did not have. Having such knowledgeable guides added depth to the experience which was especially important for me.